Visit Inatsisartut

Inatsisartut, the Parliament of Greenland, is open to the public. A visit to Inatsisartut can be arranged in various ways, depending on the time and the purpose of the visit.

Visitors must register with the reception on arrival. At registration, visitors are required to state their country of ordinary residence. They are then issued with a visitor ID badge to be worn visibly throughout their visit. The visitor ID badge must be handed in to the staff at the end of the guided tour.


Contact Inatsisartut Staff at 


Phone: +299 34 50 00


Free guided tour when Inatsisartut is not in Session

When Inatsisartut is not in Session, guided tours are available free of charge on a daily basis and without prior arrangement. Contact Inatsisartut Staff for more information about guided tours in English.


Language: Greenlandic and Danish. By special arrangement, guided tours can be conducted in English.


Monday - Friday: Starts at 1.00 pm, without prior arrangement (approx. 30 min.).


Visits when Parliament is in Session

When the Parliament of Greenland is in Session, no guided tours will be offered, but there is the option of attending the parliamentary debate in the Meeting Chamber. If a large party of visitors wishes to follow the debate from the spectator tribune, we recommend contacting Inatsisartut Staff.


Monday – Thursday: Commences at 11.00 am